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Nenu Devudni Movie Ringtones

Nenu Devudni Movie Ringtones

Nenu Devudni is a 2009 Telugu psychological thriller film directed by Bala and starring Arya and Pooja Umashankar. The film is a remake of Bala's own Tamil film Naan Kadavul, which was based on the novel Yezhaam Ulagam by Jeyamohan. The film explores the lives of beggars and aghoris in Varanasi, and the relationship between a ruthless aghori and a blind girl who is forced to beg by her cruel uncle.

The film's music was composed by Illayaraja, who also scored the original Tamil version. The soundtrack album consists of six songs, which are mostly devotional and classical in nature. The songs were well received by the critics and the audience, who praised Illayaraja's mastery over the genre. The songs also reflect the mood and theme of the film, which deals with spirituality, karma, and salvation.


If you are a fan of Nenu Devudni and its music, you might be interested in downloading some of the movie ringtones for your phone. Here are some of the sources where you can find Nenu Devudni movie ringtones:

  • : This is a popular online audio platform where you can stream and download millions of tracks for free. You can find Nenu Devudni movie ringtones by Fledquerycar1979 on SoundCloud, which include some of the songs from the film such as Aham Brahmasmi, Bhikshamdekani Veduthunna, and Om Shiva Hom.

  • : This is a high-quality music streaming and downloading service that offers a wide range of genres and artists. You can find Nenu Devudni (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Illayaraja on Qobuz, which contains all the songs from the film in high-resolution audio. You can listen to the songs online or download them as ringtones for your phone.

  • : This is another source where you can find Nenu Devudni movie ringtones by Therpotozu on SoundCloud. These ringtones are similar to the ones by Fledquerycar1979, but they have different durations and quality. You can choose the ones that suit your preference and download them for free.

We hope you enjoy listening to Nenu Devudni movie ringtones and relive the experience of watching this amazing film. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.


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