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Ernest Kazakov

Minecraft Monorail

The Mexicalpa City Monorail (Spanish: Monorriel de la Ciudad de Mexicalpa), is a planned monorail service in Mexicalpa City. Its first line is planned to run from Mexicalpa City Union Municipal Airport to the heavily populated area with the big apartment building.

Minecraft Monorail

Games are far from the only thing The Arcade has to offer: introducing the Arcade Hub, a brand new social experience filled with microgames, parkour courses, collectibles, and the return of the beloved train... although it's a monorail now! Whether you're looking to relax on the monorail or fight it out in an in-hub PvP duel, we've got it all. is a blog for Minecraft builders where we review and share interesting builds, the builds you see here might not have been done by us but we always give credits and link to the original creator. If you are a creator and you found your build in our blog and want it to be removed or maybe we linked it to a different person please contact us at [email protected] We will be more than happy to fix the misunderstanding! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed for publishers to earn small commissions on referral purchases. also participates in other similar referral programs. Keep in mind that we may earn a commission for every qualified purchase at no extra cost on you.

From: Gastroid #002Let the minecart head full speed into a block. Easy peasy. Just make sure a powered rail is underneath, so you can power it to go back when need be. It wouldn't be a true monorail, but all you would need would be some redstone powering a rail to divert it from the main line and back. So kind of like a T shape.

Two separate tracks which form a large circle around the map. The monorail can be activated by pressing the stone button above the rails at the start of each track. There is a ten second cooldown between uses.

Unlike a minecart in vanilla Minecraft, the minecart travelling on the monorail remains at a constant speed regardless of which type of track it is running on. There is no way to exit the monorail while it's moving until it reaches the end of the track, where you will be ejected.

Monorail Addon replaces minecart with suspended monorail. Not to be confused with the regular type of monorail founded in some countries like Malaysia. Suspended monorails are a rare type of train, it runs on a rail above it and only 2 countries in the world uses this technology, Japan and Germany. 041b061a72


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