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Sanson Mein Baj Rahi Hai Abrar Ul Haq

Sanson Mein Baj Rahi Hai Abrar Ul Haq

Sanson Mein Baj Rahi Hai is a popular song by Pakistani singer and politician Abrar Ul Haq. The song was released in 2006 as part of his album Nara Sada Ishq Aye, which means "Long Live Love" in Punjabi. The song is a romantic ballad that expresses the singer's love and obsession for his beloved, who is always on his mind and in his breath.

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The song has a catchy melody and a soothing voice that appeals to the listeners. The lyrics are written in Urdu and Punjabi, and use poetic metaphors and imagery to convey the singer's feelings. The song has been praised by critics and fans alike, and has become one of the most popular songs by Abrar Ul Haq. The song has also been featured in several YouTube videos, such as [this one], which has over 9,000 views.

Abrar Ul Haq is a renowned singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and politician from Pakistan. He is known for his folk and bhangra music, which blends traditional and modern elements. He has released several albums and singles, such as Billo De Ghar, Nachan Main Oday Naal, Preeto, and Rang Rangeeli. He is also the founder of Sahara for Life Trust, a charitable organization that works for health, education, and social welfare. He is currently a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

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