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Work at a Pizza Place involves players role-playing as different types of workers doing real-world jobs in a pizza place to earn cash, which can be spent on upgrading and decorating their house, buying gears and ordering food items as a customer themselves.


Players can also take a break by simply entering their own house or a friend's house. When done so, they will be automatically be placed on the "On Break" team and will be switched out of their work clothes. Players are able to take breaks whenever they please but won't receive pay since they're not working.

The Manager is the head of the pizza place and has several duties and powers. Managers are able to hand out bonus checks, name an employee as Employee of the Day, send employees back to work, and start a vote to kick abusive players (however, if the target player has the VIP game pass, the Manager cannot kick them or send them back to work). The manager also has the ability to work in all 5 jobs without being switched to said job's team.

Cooks work in the kitchen area of the pizzeria, which is located just behind the cashier area. They fulfill orders shown on the whiteboard just above the preparation area. When making pizzas, cooks need to make sure that the pizza has been properly prepared and baked. When Fizzly drinks are ordered, all the cook needs to do is drag the required number of cans onto the conveyor belt, which moves into the boxing area.

Pizzas that are burning can be put out by equipping the extinguisher located right next to the door leading out into the cashier area. The cook must grab the extinguisher by pressing the "E" key or clicking on it and continue holding the right mouse button while facing the pizza until the sound of the fire going out is made. Then, it can be thrown away via the trash can near the cashier area entrance. Pizzas can also be trashed if they've been infested by bugs due to being left on the floor. If a bug-infested pizza is placed in the oven, a squealing noise will play and they will turn black. Cold pizzas, however, can be reutilized by simply reheating them.

Pizza Boxers are responsible for taking pizzas and Fizzly cans from the kitchen and boxing or placing them onto the correct conveyors, the boxing area is located right outside the manager's office. Pizza boxers must take the pizza from the conveyor belt on the right and take a box from the compartment above the boxing table, drag the pizza into a box, and then close it. The boxed pizza is then placed on the conveyor belt on the left and transported to the delivery table. If a pizza that isn't boxed tries to go through the conveyor, it will be rejected. Fizzly cans cannot be boxed, so they are placed directly on the smaller conveyor belt next to the pizza delivery conveyor.

Delivery is one of the most crucial jobs of the pizza place, with the other being Supplier, as it is the only way employees are paid without bonus checks or microtransactions. When a pizza is delivered, everyone earns money for it. It is important to have good delivery drivers, especially those who know to take advantage of the daily Double Time and Neon Time event, In Double Time each delivery earns everyone twice as much money. Double Time starts about every 30 minutes and lasts for 4. In Neon Time event, each delivery earns 100 money, Neon Time starts if someone spends 295 Robux on it, or sometimes it will start automatically. Neon Time lasts for 4 minutes.

Suppliers are responsible for transporting the pizza ingredients, boxes, and sodas from the warehouse to the pizzeria using large trucks in order to keep resources available. The supplies are cubes of pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperonis, sausages, Fizzly, and boxes. Depending on what supplies run out, progress within the pizza place is halted until the supplier restocks the missing supplies, so they must always watch for any items that are running low. The maximum number of resources that each item can be restocked to is 99, with no more being counted until that supply has lowered again. When the supply runs out, it will be marked with a 0, which will be flashing red.

There are two boards that show the stock of each supply: one in the pizza place's loading dock and another in the warehouse. Suppliers can check these boards to know which items need to be replenished. Towards the back of the warehouse, there are buttons with corresponding colors relating to specific supplies which the supplier can step on to produce the ingredient cubes, which can then be loaded into supply trucks.

Because the pizza place depends on having ingredients for orders, the supplier is possibly the most important job in the game. Suppliers must know how to stack the supplies so there are no "loose" boxes, which may fall off the truck or make the truck fling off the map. Luckily, delivery trucks can knock down trees and mailboxes. This can give suppliers an advantage if there are any obstacles on the road.

Players who are not currently working are "On Break". Players will get this status by walking into their house or someone else's house or choosing to stay home during the job selection at the beginning of the game. Players who are "On Break" do not get coins when pizzas are delivered. However, they would receive paychecks if they worked before going on break. Since the December 2017 update, managers will be placed on break if they enter a house. A message will show up for the manager confirming if they want to go on break or not, and warning that someone else can become manager during that time. For trolls, this gives them a small advantage, because managers can't put them back to work unless they give up their jobs to walk into a troll's homes.

Houses start off with the Shack House upgrade. Players can use the coins they earn from working, bonuses they get from the manager, their daily coins for joining the game, or buying house gamepasses to upgrade their house. These upgrades can expand the player's house size and floors (such as Large House, Two-Story House, and Backyard, as well as Mansion).

These were replaced with more hands-on tutorials. Tutorial videos were short clips explaining how to do your job. They'd appear next to your work station. They worked very similar to how television movies in-game work today (via images). They would play on a loop and couldn't be removed.

The pizza conveyor was the old version of the ovens and it is the one that was removed was the one in the kitchen. You would assemble a pizza, put it on the conveyor, and it'd cook the pizza on its own. If you sat on the conveyor and went into the oven, you would still burn. Except for this time, you wouldn't have any way to put yourself out. Because of how buggy and exploitable it was as well as making the job too simple, it was removed. This feature is still available on Pizza Place Mobile, but it doesn't work anymore. It was also the only way to burn your pet (now known as zoober) into ashes, as it would leave the pet on fire and its ears and body would turn black. After a few seconds, it disappears and would leave smoke behind.

Lines 3,6,14,and 18 usesMKAnnotationView instead of MKPinAnnotationView in order to use a custom image. A pin will replace your image if you use MKPinAnnotationView In line 7, we set the image property of the annotation view to our pizza pin. Similiarly line 19 add our crosshairs. Lines 8 and 9 enable the call out with the title. Line 10 adds a view to the callout. This can be any subclass of UIView, including controls such as buttons. We make a UIImageView from the pizza pin image.

Always good for dinner or lunch. Sitting in the bar is my favorite- cozy and buzzing with people and live music. The mac and cheese or pizzas are delicious choices, and the portabella burger is surprisingly tasty for a vegetarian option. So glad to have this place in town.

Clairmont Tavern has the best food in town. Every pizza is delicious. The Rustic Chicken & Sausage is a must...the best soup I've ever tasted. Also tomato bisque is OUTSTANDING!!! Staff is friendly and owner Steve makes you feel right at home. It's my favorite place in the entire area. You will never go wrong here. I've been here 20 times or more and it gets better every time!! Kudos to Steve, the chef's and overall kind and friendly staff.

The form in pizzaOrderTemplate1.html has radio buttons and checkboxes hard coded into it for the options, and copies of the dataare in pizza1.cgi. Keeping multiple active copies of data is not agood idea: They can get out of sync. If you look at the source codefor pizzaOrderTemplate1.html, you see that all the entries for theradio button and check box lines are in a similar form. In thebetter version with altered files pizza.cgi andpizzaOrderTemplate.html (that appears the same to the user), thebasic data for the pizza options is only in one place in pizza.cgi,and the proper number of lines of radio buttons and check boxeswith the right data are generated dynamically. To do the dynamic generation,templates for an individual html line with a size radio buttonis in the source code, and it is used repeatedly to generate multiple lines, each witha different size and price embedded into the format stringfrom the program data. These lines are joinedtogether and placed as one entity into the html form template.A similar procedure is done with the toppings and check-boxes. 041b061a72


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