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Murad Prokhorov

Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers 6.0.8699.1 WHQL Free ^HOT^ Download

Motherboard or PC manufacturers may be slow to catch up on the latest drivers from chipset manufacturers. Therefore the audio driver version you can download at your PC manufacturer's site is not the latest one. The Realtek HD Audio Driver you can download here supports all Realtek High Definition Audio chipsets.

Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers 6.0.8699.1 WHQL Free Download


I went to device manager right clicked on the realtek audio device, went to properties> device> update driver> search on the computer went to the directory where my latest driver was (downloaded from my mobo manufacturers website) then pressed below on choose from list of drivers on my computer and picked realtek high definition audio version (latest version). After that the sync problem went away.

What worked for me was a fix I found online;open device managerupdate audio driverbrowse computerlet me selectunselect compatible hardwarechoose microsoft then the generic high definition driver (latest version)

I can only surmise that Fast Boot, which seems to be counter productive with anything as fast or faster than an SSD boot drive, somehow interferes with the initialisation of the realtek audio chip or the drivers. I am curious to discover if this will also resolve any other bugs that I may have not have recognised as such.

So what i did to solve the problem was:uninstall the realtek audio drivers.reboot and go into the BIOS (F2 or del at boot screen)disable the onboard HD Audio (south bridge)save and exit.


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