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Maze Of Realities: Reflection Of Light Collecto...

In the Serve Illuminated Water activity, students wrap a plastic bottle in aluminum foil and then shine a light through it to observe what happens when water is poured from the bottle into a sink or container. Students experiment with how altering the angle at which light hits a water-air boundary can change how the light behaves. Their observations are a real-world introduction to total internal reflection and can be used as a way to explain how fiber optic cables work. Question: Does light always travel in a straight line?

Maze of Realities: Reflection of Light Collecto...

In the Solve a Mirror Maze Challenge with the Law of Reflection lesson, students explore the physics of how light is reflected from a surface. Using mirrors to bounce (reflect) light from a flashlight to other surfaces, students investigate the relationship between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection. Can they use what they learn to bounce a beam of light through a mirror maze? (Note: This lesson is NGSS-aligned for grades 4-8. For a similar lesson aligned for early elementary school, see the Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... lesson.)

When teaching about visible light, students learn that light is a form of energy and travels in waves (similar to sound). As students explore the physics of light, they are introduced to the electromagnetic spectrum and the portion that constitutes visible light. In a variety of hands-on experiments and activities, students can explore the absorption, transmission, reflection, refraction, and scattering of light and what it means for materials to be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Combining understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, the wavelengths of different colors of light, and how light moves through mediums, students can explore questions related to sky colors, rainbows, and prisms and experiment with mixing light to create colorful light displays. Students can explore the science behind kaleidoscopes, mirrors, and infinity mirrors and can investigate how the speed of light may change when passing through certain mediums. In learning about the intensity of light, students can measure light using various devices, build and use a cell phone spectrophotometer, and investigate the relationship between light intensity and distance from the light source.

Lights, or the lack of them, also play major roles in the mazes. Cleverly placed bulbs on the ceiling make it look like moonlight is reflected on the wooden pathway that attendees walk across in Voodoo.

'Thedoor of the knowledge of the Ancient of Days being thus closed in the face ofall beings, the Source of infinite grace ... hath caused those luminous Gems ofHoliness of the human temple, and be made manifest unto all men, that They mayimpart unto the world the mysteries of the unchangeable Being, and tell of thesubtleties of His imperishable Essence. These sanctified Mirrors, theseDaysprings of ancient glory are one and all the Exponents on earth of Him whois the central Orb of the universe, its Essence and ultimate Purpose. From himproceed their knowledge and power; from Him is derived Their sovereignty. Thebeauty of Their countenance is but a reflection of His image, and Theirrevelation a sign of His deathless glory. They are the Treasuries of divineknowledge, and the Repositories of celestial wisdom. Through Them istransmitted a grace that is infinite, and by Them is revealed the light thatcan never fade.'[46]

TheManifestation of God links the world of God with the world of man. He is ahuman being, completely and totally possessed of humanity, sharing in full thelife of man, having the same sorrows, the same pains, the same joys. But Hisreality is the reality of the Holy Spirit. He is the chosen vehicle of God'srevelation. His being is like a perfect, stainless mirror reflecting to mankindthe reality of the Godhead. Hold a mirror, `Abdu'l-Bahá tells us, to the sun,and in it you will find reflected the shining orb of the firmament withaugmented heat and augmented light. By this smile, He illustrates thereflection of the reality of the Godhead in a human temple. God and man meet inthe being of the Manifestation of God, who thus becomes the link between theworld of the Creator and the world of the created. 041b061a72


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