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Where To Buy Window Balances

A window balance (sometimes called a sash balance, window spring, or window "balancer") is a somewhat hidden window component sitting inside the window frame. Window balances are only found in double-hung or single windows and counterbalance the weight of the sash assisting you with opening and closing your windows. Window balances are found in both residential and commercial windows. Browse window balances, parts, and accessories. There are many different styles, types, and sizes of window balances, so finding the correct replacement can be tricky and at times frustrating. Check out our Ultimate Window Balance Guide to learn more about some of the more common types of window balances. Here at Window Hardware Direct, we strive to make finding the correct window balance replacement as easy as possible. If you need help, you can contact us, chat with us, or give us a call at 1-800-842-0974 and we'll help you find your correct replacement window balance. Check out our blog on replacing window balances for more information. Whether it's home window repair or commercial window repair, we have the balance to fit your needs.

where to buy window balances

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Thank you for visiting Our site is designed to help customers identify the window balance they need to replace. Customers are then directed to our parent company to purchase their window balances.

At times this can be especially overwhelming to customers with little window repair experience. will make this process a little easier as 95% of all window balances used in the USA today can be found on our site. If you are not comfortable identifying the window balance you need just click on the sample tab above and send your window balance to us. Our parts ID team will review your window balance, free of charge, and be sure to get right back with you!

DIYers, Restoration and Preservation professionals - will appreciate a solution for balances that does not change the look of your period or historic windows. View/Download instructions to install invisible balances.

Marvin Ultimate Double Hung, Double Ribbed Widow Channel Balance Balance tubes for standard window units may be ordered below. Choose from TOP (mill finish) or BOTTOM (beige or white) balances.NOTE: SILVER (mill finish) is for TOP and Colors are for BOTTOM. The same number is used for top and bottom, but they are different lengths. Please contact our office for special balance sizes. All Marvin channel balances have a 3-4 week lead time.

These Window Sash Balances replace single or double hung window balances with a stamped number. Before ordering, make sure the length and stamped numbers on the channel being replaced match the length and stamped numbers listed below. While these balances are packaged and sold individually, it is our recommendation that both balances in the window be replaced at the same time. This will restore the sash to a near new condition, and prolong the life of the window.

Begin your search for the best window balances and window balance replacement parts right here at your convenience. You will want to make sure that you order the correct kind of hardware, so take a look at your current product and its features before you settle on a purchase for its replacement.

If you are still unsure of the correct product to order or if you think you require more detailed information, you are welcome to get in contact with us so that we can assist you. Get your window balance order started today by giving us a call, sending us an email or messaging us via the Live Chat on our website.

Check out the window balances that we sell online. We carry a few styles, so be sure that you fully understand what type you need before you place your order. From window channel balances to tube window balances, we can provide you with the right hardware that is required to successfully make your window balance repairs.

We carry the 60 Series Window Channel Balances which are some of the most commonly seen window channel balances in the U.S. today. To order from our site, you will need to know the number that is stamped on the channel that you are replacing. This number will normally be 4 digits and will let us know some important information about your window channel balance such as its spring gauge and its channel length.

Once you have found their product number on the PDF and you know the number stamped on the window channel balance, you will be all set to order your new balance from us. Then, you can go ahead and give us a call to place your order. You are now one step closer to making your window channel balance repairs.

Attached to all of the tube window balance product pages is a PDF with more information about the specific series. When you would like help with identifying which tube window balance will work best for the window balance repairs that you plan on making, we will be here to help. Contact us for more details.

We offer a few parts that you can use with your window balances. One of the parts that you can use with certain balances is the Window Tube Balance Tension Tool. When using this tool with the window balance, it will create the desired amount of operating tension for the balance.

Please let us know if you have questions about any of the window channel balances, tube window balances or window balance replacement parts that we distribute. We will make sure that you receive the right hardware for your window balance renovations.

You can count on the help of our window hardware experts when you shop with us. We are at the office Monday through Friday during business hours and can assist you during this time. Please call us if you would like to receive immediate assistance at 1 (800) 642-2403. You can also send us an email containing your window hardware inquiries to or send us a direct message using the Live Chat option on our website.

Your windows use spring balances to help you raise and lower the window sash and keep the sash in a raised position. When you have difficulty raising the sash, or it no longer remains open without the help of a prop, one or both of your spring balances could have a broken spring or cord and replacement is in order to repair the window. Repairing a window spring balance does not require any specialty tools, and you can accomplish this task on your own, unless you have an excessively large window that might require four hands instead of two.

Look along the top inside of the window frame for stops. The plastic stops snap into the frame to keep the window sash from rising too far inside the frame. When your window has stops, grab them with your fingers and pull them from the frame.

Pull out on the bottom of the take out clips inside the frame. These clips install about 6 to 8 inches above the sash. Slide a flat-head screwdriver under the bottom of the clip when you cannot pull the bottom of the clip out of the frame with your fingers. Some older windows may have screws instead of clips. When your window has screws, rotate the screws counterclockwise once or twice to back them out of the frame slightly. Do not remove the screws completely.

Lift the window sash. As you lift the sash, the spring balances will appear beneath the sides of the window, and you will begin to feel the weight of the sash in your hands. Raise the sash until you can pull one side of the sash from the frame to release the sash from frame. Carefully set the window sash aside.

Lower the top of the spring toward the opposite side of the frame as you slowly raise the bottom of the spring balance. Continue to raise the bottom of the spring until you release all the tension and can unhook the spring from the slot holding it in the window frame.

Insert the hook attached at the bottom of the replacement spring balance into the slot cut in the window frame. Swing the top of the spring toward the window frame as you push down on the spring to increase the tension. Continue to push down on the spring balance until you can hook the top of the balance beneath the clip or screw in the frame.

That being said, the national average cost to repair one window is around $375, and the majority of repairs fall between $250 and $450 on the high end. These numbers are averages, which means they are most on target for the most common type of windows, including double-hung windows, single-hung windows and picture windows.

If outside air is leaking through your window and into your home, making your living space less comfortable, causing your heating or cooling system to work harder and driving up your energy bills, you need a window thermal seal repair. This averages around $255, with most homeowners paying between $210 and $300.

Repairing damaged or faulty home window flashing involves removing the entire window, so the costs range from $300 up to $575 or more. The average price for this service is about $430, but your cost could be higher if there is associated water damage. Window installation after any water damage is fixed is included in the $430 average.

Window frame damage repair averages around $400, and most homeowners pay between $160 and $625 for this service. However, more costly window frame materials or more extensive damage could drive your price well above $1,000.

Most homeowners have single-pane or double-pane windows, depending largely on the local climate. Single-pane windows consist of a single sheet of glass, while double-pane windows have two sheets of glass with a layer of argon or krypton gas vacuum-sealed between them to act as an insulative layer.

Repairs for single-pane windows are almost always more affordable than those for double-pane windows. The average cost to repair a single-pane window is around $80 per pane, while a double-pane window repair averages around $175 per pane. There is more work involved when repairing double-pane windows, and the material costs will often be higher as well.

As with any home improvement, the extent of the damage will have a significant impact on the price of repair. For example, a single broken pane glass repair will cost far less than repair for a large bay window with multiple broken panes. Similarly, minor issues with a small awning window frame might require just a small amount of labor and materials to fix, while large-scale damage to a massive bow window could take hours and much more material to repair. 041b061a72


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